Writing Prompt #227

Three days till Mike heads off into the wild yonder of India, which means – I am at the pointy-end of the countdown. Feel sorry for everyone close to me. Because believe me when I tell you that as far as mood swings, moody blogs, moody conversations, moody farewell speeches go, Continue reading


Café writing tour #221

TwainA couple of months ago, I took the #writeabookwithal challenge, and enthusiastically (or so I thought!) and with every good intention you can imagine – got on board. I soon found out that Enthusiastic Good Intentions are good to have – but being able to convert those EGIs into action, creating an end product is a whole other thing. Continue reading

Today’s writing prompt #211

I might start with the writing prompt – just in case you’ve been waiting around all day for it. couple more books

Writing prompt #211

Stand in front of your bookshelf. Close your eyes. Reach out five times, randomly selecting a book each time. Write a paragraph about each book, starting with where you got it/who gave it to you, what it was about, what it meant to you, where it has been with you, where it has taken you. Continue reading

Daily Writing Prompt #055

Day 23 of the Café Writing Tour, and I’m enjoying the sub-artic frost of the wintry yet breath-taking Bowral.

After breakfast at Briars, we headed to the Bradman Museum for our cricket fix, and then back into town for a coffee at the Bean Café (they do a Rueben, here, Marisa!) before we went and checked out what the main street had to offer. Continue reading

Today’s Writing Prompt #223

Day 14. A day at Bron’s Casa Java. (Sometimes known as Scott’s Casa Java, depending on who loses the argument about whose turn it is to make the coffee.) Very focused on the assignment today, in spite of being bleary-eyed after a late-night watching Novak take another step toward my goal of paying attention when someone might win the Grand Slam (THE Grand Slam, people). In addition to not being troubled by the bleary state of things, I was also hardly distracted at all by Allan Karlsson. Or  the beautiful cold sunny day that’s followed the Weekend of Floods. Or the latest episode of Game of Thrones (OMG, Dave, hurry up and watch it already). Or watching my dogs stare-off over who gets the plum position in the chair opposite my desk. (They have entire arguments, intense arguments, without saying a word – they just stare at each other. Then they look down at the chair. Then back at each other. No way am I going to get in the middle of that.) Continue reading