Today’s Writing Prompt #182 (and Café-Writing Tour Update)

I would like to begin the Day 10 update on my Finish-My-Course-One-Café-At-A-Time Writing Tour Sabbatical by giving a shout-out to my wonderfully geriatric friend Agnes, who signed off our phone call today with a cheery admonition to ‘go write today’s blog’. It’s been a long day, and I was in need of encouragement – so thanks to her, here I am. (I’m sorry, but no, I can’t tell you where she lives.)  Continue reading

Today’s Writing Prompt #214

Day 7 of my Finish-My-Course-One-Cafe-At-A-Time-Writing Tour Sabbatical. After a one-degree start this morning – ONE DEGREE, PEOPLE (Winter is HERE) – I find myself at Lilly’s, a little café that opens out on an outdoor courtyard facing the road through Rhodes, and I’m enjoying the lovely 18 degree sunshine of a beautiful afternoon. With a scarf. And a jacket. And wishing I’d brought my beanie.  Continue reading

Today’s Writing Prompt #017

Day 2 of my Finish-My-Course-One-Café-At-A-Time Writing Tour, and I travelled up to the Paragon Café in the main street of Katoomba. The restaurant itself is one hundred years old, and the function rooms at the back were built in the 1920s and 30s. Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Glenn Miller played to me while I frowned over my studies, and the faces of so many Hollywood celebrities looked down at me from their frames on the wall – actual visitors, don’t you know!    Continue reading