Today’s Writing Prompt #044

Day 3 of my Course-by-Café Writing Tour, and I took myself south-east this time, towards the coast. I drove down President’s Avenue, topped the rise at Woolooware, and enjoyed that awesome moment of the first glimpse of the ocean at Cronulla. 

I made my way to the Alley Break Café, and got into things. The coffee was great, but the raisin toast some new-age, linseed-packed, odd-tasting version that not even the hand-churned-by-Pepe Saya butter could salvage. I politely ate one half of one slice, though, because of course it must just have been my unsophisticated palette getting in the way. The morning was saved by really good service, although the poor things were getting around in long jumpers and huddling for warmth. It’s so cold!

It’s also raining, and there’s a cool wind. But there are still lunatic surfers in the water. I guess everyone has their thing that they will do, no matter what, but honestly. Surfing in 10 degrees. Prompts are different, right? Right. So today you get off easy, and you don’t even need a jump to prompt link, for here it is:

Writing prompt 044

What was that smell? The light flickered overhead, shaking the cold white beam across the concrete tiles. He squinted around the room. ‘I recognise this place,’ he thought, and his eyes widened.


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