Café writing tour #212 and a seven-day serve

Seven-day serve of writing prompts, that is. This morning, I’m here at Café La Montagna, in the kind of fresh that only the Blue Mountains can deliver in July. Continue reading


Café writing tour – resumes!

Katoomba - MilkBar 1…ah – yeh. Tomorrow. Café Writing Tour resumes tomorrow. Regular writing prompts return also, and there will be a scintillating seven-day serve of prompts to go with it, most without an appetite for alliteration. Most. I know. Me, too.


Today’s writing prompt #211

I might start with the writing prompt – just in case you’ve been waiting around all day for it. couple more books

Writing prompt #211

Stand in front of your bookshelf. Close your eyes. Reach out five times, randomly selecting a book each time. Write a paragraph about each book, starting with where you got it/who gave it to you, what it was about, what it meant to you, where it has been with you, where it has taken you. Continue reading