Café Writing Tour resumes (with writing prompt #299)

Even though I’m back at work! Yes! I can’t believe it either. But here I am, on Day 2 back at work, when I had an idea: I should do a countdown to my next Café Writing Tour proper  Set up the date and rec leave required for the next time I will take time off to devote to writing. And until then, each time I am writing at a café before work, I will be counting down to the next time I am not at work. Very satisfying. Ok, I know what you’re thinking – ‘small things’ – but remember that organising your time for writing and achieving your writing goals is important, and after my six week Sabbatical (yes! I’m calling it a Sabbatical) I have found my drive and a way to keep it all rolling.

I think it’s a great idea. Almost as great as my idea to set up WritingPrompt Club. With WritingPrompt Club rules. You know…Rule #1. You will not talk about WritingPrompt Club. Rule #2. You WILL NOT talk about WritingPrompt Club. Rule #3. Writing will go on as long as it has to. Rule #4. If this is your first time at WritingPrompt Club, you HAVE to write.

Ok – it sounded hilarious to me at the time, and now you know I have A Thing for Brad Pitt. Please – no-one tell Scott.

Before I let you go to the writing prompt, I want to give a shout-out to the Manhattan Grind Café, which is where I am writing from today. I stopped here partly because they offered fresh juice – done my way; partly because of the appeal of the place. The real reward came at being able to witness the staff reach out and do something for a fellow human: the waitress got breakfast and coffee together for a homeless man. He’s sitting two tables over from me. She brought him the biggest breakfast plate of eggs, toast, sausages and bacon that I have ever seen, was impressive, and it obviously wasn’t thrown together. And I was struck by the quiet act of kindness and the smile of the waitress and the gratitude and the smile of the homeless man. They set me up for the day. Kudos to you, Manhattan Grind, I’m definitely coming back here.

Writing prompt #299

You go to the airport to collect your brother and his wife after they arrive back from a European holiday.

Write an account of their arrival as if you are a reporter, or as if it will be read by the nightly news anchor.


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