Writing Prompt #227

Three days till Mike heads off into the wild yonder of India, which means – I am at the pointy-end of the countdown. Feel sorry for everyone close to me. Because believe me when I tell you that as far as mood swings, moody blogs, moody conversations, moody farewell speeches go, I’ve covered the spectrum, and positive bursts of enthusiasm for the adventurer have only occasionally interrupted the program of reflection and introspection.

I will get over myself, don’t worry. However, looking back at the proclamations made the last few weeks, well – the proposed 30K words in August was just not thought through, was it. All those big words and big plans I threw around. I’m thinking of postponing the 30K until next month, or the month after – when things get really tight with the long hours at work.

You see my problem.

Writing Prompt #227

You are over-looked for a promotion at work and the job given to a person you brought to the company, that you have groomed, and for whom you have just arranged a birthday party. You’re about to deliver the speech. How does it go?


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