1/52 – I started the #52DatesforWriters

I another little birdyam always torn when I think about the sayings about what your workspace/desk represents about you.

Messy and chaotic somehow represents genius. Meticulously tidy represents order and fastidiousness, yet not much imagination.

So I’ve just spent about ten minutes on this writing date doing a very spare tidy-up, barely clearing away…you know: Stuff. And hoping the end result will see me pitched up somewhere between genius and boring (but closer to genius) and really just wishing for more space. Just so that the only space isn’t the same space that I use as the go-to dumping space for crap I can’t be bothered to put away at that moment. I sigh and grouch to the cat from my tired list of frustrations.

Anyway. I’m probably going against brief, here, by writing about what I thought about the Transforming Your Space date, instead of doing the exercises suggested. But! In my defense! I am here, engaging with the date. Thinking over the suggested activities to do – one of which was to alternate an established workspace pattern. I realised that I don’t appear to have a workspace pattern to speak of, let alone alternate, as the exercise suggests. For example, if I clean my area at the end of the writing session, then the alternate pattern would be: don’t. And don’t for a period of time, as long as you can bear the change in routine. Or, you know: vice versa. (Yes. In the context of me, both scenarios are hilarious, since both mention cleaning. But you have to stop laughing.)

Ah – routine: part of the reason I signed up for the 52 dates. One of the golden rules of getting your writing going. Write regularly, have a writing routine. I wistfully wish to be a creature of writing habit, but alas – I am not.

Here is Scott come to remark on the changes I have wrought on my workspace. (Wait, what? Just a glance, Scott? Ugh, I’m wounded.)

Ok – where was I? Wait – was I wishing I was a creature of habit? Am I crazy? Where the hell is the fun in that? And, there, you see, is the entire, complete and comprehensive crux of the problem that comes with living in my head. Time and again I try to work to a writing timetable and can never do it. Something always comes between me and my writing space, the writing pattern I set for myself. And – actually…think about the exercise Bron: this is a pattern I could alternate. I may be able to do it for a week, I suppose….? Perhaps I should give it a go? Start that writing log they’ve suggested, too…?


This has been me, checking out the #52DatesforWriters from thepigeonhole.com, but you should check it out for yourself


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