Café writing tour #221

TwainA couple of months ago, I took the #writeabookwithal challenge, and enthusiastically (or so I thought!) and with every good intention you can imagine – got on board. I soon found out that Enthusiastic Good Intentions are good to have – but being able to convert those EGIs into action, creating an end product is a whole other thing.

I had a think about things. I started with what I know I can manage. Interestingly, on the commute to work, I can get close to 1 000 words in 60 minutes. Good starting point. Working forwards, I can make that add up to 5 000 words a week on the commute to work alone. If I make use of some of the home commutes and commit to some weekend sessions – I feel I could easily get the weekly word count up around 7 000.

7 000 words per week! That’s occasion to break some rules and start a sentence with a numeral!

Now if I work that forward just a little more – exercise my tiny tiny barely-detectable-under-a-microscope numeracy muscle – that could yield (rough days at work requiring corresponding wine sessions notwithstanding) a minimum of 28 000 words A MONTH.


We need a moment to stand back in awe and enjoy such a number. Nah – what the hell! Let’s round it up to 30 000 words, and there, ladies and gentlemen – stands my new writing goal. 30 000 words for August.

Status report: I started on 2 August. I’ve hit 5 322 words so far and four hours left until midnight on the first week. Sure, I fell short of my first week’s quota, but still! It’s a pretty momentus occasion for me: this is the best EGI conversion score I’ve ever posted.

And that, in itself, is now the motivating factor.

Writing prompt #178

You are granted your wish and get to share dinner with Jane Austen, Heathcliff and Yossarian.

Write the conversation as a screenplay.


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