Daily Writing Prompt #055

Day 23 of the Café Writing Tour, and I’m enjoying the sub-artic frost of the wintry yet breath-taking Bowral.

After breakfast at Briars, we headed to the Bradman Museum for our cricket fix, and then back into town for a coffee at the Bean Café (they do a Rueben, here, Marisa!) before we went and checked out what the main street had to offer. We’d had dinner last night at Da Giacomo – possibly the best Italian I’ve ever eaten – and passed by The Brown Bookshop. So after the Bean this morning, we made a Bowral beanline for The Brown Bookshop. It was everything I had suspected it would be, price tags notwithstanding: but that was ok. I could afforDSCN0862d the pencil box.

We wandered around through antique stores, and so much else! when it occurred to us that…Bowral is a bit of a high-end place. (I had no idea, sorry.) But it has something for everyone. Scott kept hold of the credit card, too, so folks – the bulk of the merchandise is still here.

For lunch we drove over to Berrima, to the Magpie Café, where we had the second-best Italian I’ve ever eaten. Rustic, hand-made pasta chicken boscaiola. Was diabolical. From there we hopped in the car to go find the gaol, and….wow, there it was, a whole 50m from the Magpie. We took the tour through the courthouse, which is made incredibly life-like by the hand-crafted individually made-up mannekins used throughout the place. The only thing is, whenever we walked in to a room, motionless crowds stood waiting for us, and for god’s sake they got me, every…time.

So many cafes and restaurants today, but not a word written. Have loved every minute of this break!

Writing prompt #055

The light was falling perfectly. The sun fell perfectly through the trees. It lay, across the grass, across the lake, warm and translucent. She raised her camera, and looked through the lens, looking for the angle, looking for the shot. The camera was easy in her hands, her eye, through training and instinct, able to see the shot. Through the lens, she took in the light, the trees, the lake, the line of the mountain in the distance.  The shutter closed. She pulled back to view the shot.


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