Today’s Writing Prompt #223

Day 14. A day at Bron’s Casa Java. (Sometimes known as Scott’s Casa Java, depending on who loses the argument about whose turn it is to make the coffee.) Very focused on the assignment today, in spite of being bleary-eyed after a late-night watching Novak take another step toward my goal of paying attention when someone might win the Grand Slam (THE Grand Slam, people). In addition to not being troubled by the bleary state of things, I was also hardly distracted at all by Allan Karlsson. Or  the beautiful cold sunny day that’s followed the Weekend of Floods. Or the latest episode of Game of Thrones (OMG, Dave, hurry up and watch it already). Or watching my dogs stare-off over who gets the plum position in the chair opposite my desk. (They have entire arguments, intense arguments, without saying a word – they just stare at each other. Then they look down at the chair. Then back at each other. No way am I going to get in the middle of that.)

I actually got a lot done, in spite of all these distractions, and feeling ok about it all, except omg it’s going to take a lot of work. So in my current focused status, I am going to give you the prompt right now.

Writing prompt #223

The office was dark, except for the pool of light over his desk. His face tight with strain, he stared at the screen. The noises from the streets below wafted up to him, and his attention wavered for a moment: Friday night, they would be missing him at the pub, was a vague thought, which dissolved before he could really take it in. The words on the screen held him. He raised his right hand over the keyboard. He hesitated.


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