Today’s writing prompt #083

Day 35 of the Café-Writing-Tour coming to you today from a very grey and very cold Bron’s Casa Java. Nudging a whole 8 degrees outside, you could probably very safely say….Winter Is Here.  Speaking of which, very excited about watching the season finale of Game of Thrones with Dave today. Well – mixed feelings, really. Always sad when the season is over, and you’ve ten months or so to wait for the next one. Sigh.

For now, rug up, wherever you are – especially in Blackheath, where it’s snowing – and see how you feel about today’s writing prompt.

Writing Prompt #083

The car lurched to a defiant stop, but phone in hand, he missed the stony look on Phil’s face and the whites of Trevor’s eyes, staring out at him from the front seat. He flopped into the back beside Simmo, and launched into howthehellareyas, his updates, a rant about the gaming app, all without taking his eyes off his phone. Phil raced through the gears, hit the roundabout at speed and swerved onto the on-ramp, narrowly merging with the traffic. In the back seat, he finally looked up and stopped talking. Was it too early to panic at the blurred landscape slipping by? Maybe not. He felt his stomach begin to slide in an uneasy downward direction. He glanced at Simmo, then Phil, as it dawned on him. ‘Shit’s serious, right?’


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